We bring new parents peace of mind.

Our products monitor and report on infant health and safety to help you better understand your child.

Our Vision

We make simple and effective infant-centered devices to help parents worry less and enjoy parenting more.

We believe infant monitoring should be as simple as turning on your smartphone. To reach this goal we’re continually designing, implementing, and perfecting the devices that parents have told us they want. We have a crack team of engineers working to utilize the latest technologies, and a first-rate business team to bring it from the lab into the homes of parents worldwide.

The Smart One

The Latest In Baby Monitoring Technology

A Global Problem

Peace of mind is hard to come by for parents – a role that role has numerous responsibilities and endless worries. Traditional infant monitoring systems can help alleviate some stress, but with technology we can do better.

A Simple Solution

The Smart One™ monitors your baby’s motion and the ambient temperature of the room, alerting you when your baby stops sleeping on their back, moving, breathing, or when the room temperature is not ideal.

Endless Possibilities

In addition to its monitoring capabilities, the Smart One™ gathers data on your baby, and with a little input from the parents can provide information, advice, and predictions based on their behavior and sleep patterns.