Finding Baby Girl Names with Meanings of Wisdom from Different Languages

The names of babies are very diverse, especially if they look from different languages. Many people are more hoping their child grows into a wise man, besides also having intelligence or wealth.

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche also had a notable quotation for wisdom.

“Wisdom sets boundaries even for knowledge… Not enough to just prove something, we also have to seduce or lift people there. ”

Although, according to the researchers in the Journal of Social Psychology, many millennials now compete to give their babies a unique name. Even the language and its meaning, tends to be rarely heard in the public, because it is affected by the use of the unique names of baby artists and Instagram celebrities.

“People are interested in fame and celebrities, and hope to be part of their community,” said Jean Twenge, a professor of psychology at San Diego State University and author of Generation Me, one of the journal’s Perisets.

If the Moms prefer to mean deep baby names, one of them means wise, here are a few names from different countries that could be inspiring Moms.

1. Baby Woman’s name wise from Greece

Well, for the name of a female baby that means wise, there is one word that is most popular in the world, and familiar to us. Who else if not Sophia, who is also sometimes written Sofia, Saffi, or Sophie which means “wisdom ” in Greek.

In the United States this name is only fairly common until the 1990’s when it starts to rise in popularity, eventually becoming the most popular for girls from 2011 to 2013.

The female name of the Greek is also as popular as Athens, which means wise as well.

In Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of war and wisdom and daughter of Zeus. He is also known as the Roman goddess Minerva. The meaning of Athena is ‘ wise ‘ and it will appeal to enlightened parents who appreciate intelligence.

The spelling of Saffi is also popular in Turkey, but the pronunciation is called the Mumjunction page, more friendly in English speaking countries than Sophie.

The name of a female baby that means another wise, from other Greek mythology is Minerva.

2. Baby girl’s name wise from Japan

Tomoko, is a female baby name that means wisdom from the Japanese language. In addition to being wise, Tomoko also meant a friendly child. The person who bears this name is the famous photographer Tomoko Sawada.

In addition to Japan, the name was popularly used in the United States, in the 1970-1980’s era.

Besides Tomoko, there is also Michiko which means beautiful and thoughtful child, Reina, Satoko, and Chieko. The word Chie herself means wise in Japanese is not infrequently used as a child’s nickname in Japan, which is also paired with Chika.

3. Baby woman’s name wise from Arabic

The name of the first child of presenter Ayu Dewi, Aqilah Dewi Humayrah, is inspired by Arabic that is Aaqilah which means wise. In addition to being wise, Aaqilah, also means differentiator, and uses reason.

The spelling can be varied into Aqila, Aqeelah, Akilah, Akeyla, and so on.

In the Quranicnames page, the Aqilah mentioned in many words of Allah SWT in the Koran, with the equivalent of another word.

As in the end of verse 12, An Epistle to Nahl, “and he bowed night and day, Sun and moon to you. And the stars are subjugated (for you) by his command. Indeed there is a sign (God’s power) for the people who understand (it is). ”

People who understand and want to think that is what is understood as the wise.

The name Areebah also means wise and also intelligent. Besides the AREEFA and Hakeema which is the Arabic of expedient and wise in Bahasa Indonesia.

Well Moms, that’s some inspiring names baby girl meaningful wise who can Moms make the choice of the name of the little one someday. Good pick!

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