Newborn Baby Care for New Parents

Caring for a newborn baby is a challenge for parents, especially the first to have a baby. Indeed the treatment of newborns can not be recklessly because he is new to the world after nine months living in the mother’s womb. For simplicity, here’s a complete guide on how to take care of the newborn you can join.

As a new parent, caring for babies is a thrilling and challenging thing. Often parents feel “scared wrong” in caring for newborn babies and afraid of baby conditions.

But no need to worry because when the baby is born, the doctor screening the newborn.

It’s important to check whether the baby is in a healthy state or not. If not in good condition, there are some conditions for infant resuscitation when infants need to be given respiratory aid.

For simplicity, here’s a new baby care guide that you and your spouse can do:

How to bathe your little

The first thing in newborn care that often makes a parent confused is the rule in cleansing the body of the little one. How often are newborns bathing and how to bathe them?

Quoted from Mayo Clinic, newborn babies do not need to bathe every day enough 3-4 times a week. But when you replace the baby diaper, the body is also cleaned using a small towel or a waslap.

The reason behind newborns does not need to bathe too often because it can make baby’s skin dry. Skin condition that is too dry can make baby uncomfortable because the skin is still very sensitive.

One of the problems that often arise in infants is diaper rash. Keep your baby’s diaper clean and dry. Use warm water and fluffy cotton when cleaning the bozz and dry with a soft towel.

Here’s how to bathe a newborn baby:

Pair a baby on a mattress
Clean starting from the baby’s head
Notice when cleaning the baby’s eyelid
Clean any folds of baby’s body
Cleaning the baby’s mouth area

Cleaning the baby’s body by using wet tissues containing alcohol is not recommended, because it can trigger skin irritation.

When you are bathing your child, you need to prepare a dry towel, a small towel or a washcloth to wipe the baby’s body, and a mattress.

Understand the meaning of baby crying

As parents, the crying of babies often makes panic and confusion to do what. Not even infrequently, crying babies make parents stressed.

In fact, crying is one of the baby’s languages and the response of something, such as discomfort, fear, or hunger.

Here’s why babies cry:

Feeling sick
Baby wants to be carried
Dirty or wet diapers
Babies feel annoyed by not being able to sleep
Baby Fussy

The Crying of babies cannot be explained directly, but you can slowly understand the intent behind it.

Skin to skin guide in newborn care

Skin to skin is often alluded to in the care of a newborn baby, what is it? Quoting from the Cleveland Clinic, skin to skin is a baby care by placing the body of the little ones directly in the chest of the mother or father.

Shortly after being born, the nurse will clean and dry the baby’s body, put it directly on the mother’s chest, and then close it with a warm blanket.

Skin to skin is useful for babies and mothers to know each other. It will be beneficial too to make the baby warmer and close to her parents.

For fathers, skin to skin can be done when at home in the same way as when in hospitals when new babies are born. Here are the benefits of skin to skin in a new born Baby Care series.

Ease when breastfeeding

Skin to skin facilitates babies in the early years of breastfeeding. When you are born and your baby sleeps on your mother’s chest, she will look for your nipples and practice for breastfeeding.

This process makes it easier for your little ones to learn to feed appropriately. Usually, newborns will continue to breastfeed in the first 6 weeks of his life.

Babies have a small stomach size so you need to give him milk in a little bit-a bit but often.

Normally it will breastfeed 1-2 hours in the first few days. When the baby is hungry, it will give some sign like crying firmly, suck his hand, or finger-driving like looking for a nipple.

Make babies quieter

Skin to skin is the right treatment to make the newborn baby quieter and adapts to the outside world after birth. This makes the baby feel warmer, quieter and comfortable compared to given clothes.

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